Wanting to know more about our high-quality early learning services that we offer?

Cottage Academy offers everything your child needs to learn & grow on a daily basis, toward their brightest future and happiest memories!

Our newly opened centre has the benefit of owning the latest infrastructure and playground in the industry. As parents, you can feel secure knowing that our campus is sanitary and sparkling clean. Our state-of-the-art-playground and outside areas are purposefully designed to stimulate young children’s creativity and sense of adventure.

We offer the full, comprehensive suite of early childhood care fundamentals: from long day care to and for ages six weeks to six years.

Here’s a little about industry-leading services - complete with the Cottage Academy distinction:

1-On-1 Excellency Program

At Cottage Academy, our carers take a ‘Quality Over Quantity’ approach, different to other childcare centres. In addition to play-based learning and group nurturing, our carers will take time each day to sit down alone with your child for some one-on-one education. Studies have shown uninterrupted periods of teacher-to-student study sessions are extremely beneficial to a child’s development & intellectual acuity in later years.

We don’t aim to have our centres overflowing with students; instead, we endeavor to have your child’s mind overflowing with knowledge, creativity, and excitement! All children at our centres qualify for our 1-On-1 Excellency Program. In addition to quality time, this program allows us to better understand your child, and thoughtfully tailor their education to suit their personality, talents and interests!

Advanced Development League: 

At Cottage Academy, our founding ethos is that all children should be given the opportunity to exceed the expectations of early childhood. It’s this driving force that created our Advanced Development League: a thoughtfully designed program that teaches your child advanced lessons from an early age

This concept of advanced learning is backed by scientific studies that prove exposure to advanced concepts - such as our Technology Research, Mindfulness Yoga, Wholesome Cooking, Nature Rangers, and Comprehensive Dance & Music classes - develop your child’s mind more rapidly in later years! 

Industry-Leading Standards: 

A big part of our philosophy is not just giving children a great education - we give them the best!

To achieve this, Cottage Academy is constantly evolving & incorporating the latest developments from the early learning space. Our centre owner, Ben, keeps a close eye on all new discoveries & innovations from prestigious universities, think tanks, and a prestigious network of esteemed industry leaders.

We incorporate only the highest quality, methodically tested new learning innovations into Cottage Academy, so that your child is constantly receiving the most up to date breakthrough early learning developments.

Combine this with our 1-On-1 Excellency Program, and Cottage Academy can ensure your child receives only the very best learning framework that suits them.

Primary School Integration: 

We may be an early learning childcare centre, but we’re also just as invested in your child’s future!

Moving from early learning to formal schooling can be a daunting step, but our carers are well versed in aiding you with this transition.

Just ask us at reception to learn more about our comprehensive Integration plans, to ensure you child’s first steps into primary schooling are seamless!

Long day care:

Cottage Academy is open all day Mon - Fri and we have plenty of rooms available for multiple days. Our carers are qualified and registered by Queensland government standards.

Our rotation plan ensures that every student receives regular, ongoing carer attention.

You can feel secure knowing that when you drop off your child with us for the day, they will be safe in a nurturing environment!

Care From Ages 6 Weeks To 6 Years:

Our centre is an all inclusive home-like environment for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years, of all backgrounds, cultures and faiths.

Our brand new facility is separated by age and each bracket has its own dedicated carers.

Parent-Carer Network: 

Growth is a two-way street, and the best person for your child to learn from…is you!

It's why we involve you as parents along every step of their early learning journey!

Daily communications with your child’s carer, regular reports on their progress, and take-home resources tailored to your child’s personal development plan are all included in your enrollment.

We work together with you to nurture your child into their best selves.

One-Of-A-Kind ‘Big World’ Excursions & Incursions:

At Cottage Academy, we refer to the world outside our centre as ‘The Big World.’ That’s because it’s full of exciting adventures, new discoveries, and opportunities for children to grow!

We incorporate a philosophical approach to our excursions: each trip to The Big World can be nerve-wracking, especially for young children. But under the careful guidance of our carers, Cottage Academy children are encouraged to face the sometimes scary Big World and overcome their fears!

This process is always positive and teaches children from an early age not to be afraid of things they don’t understand. To instead embrace them as new opportunities to learn, to be brave, and to create their own exciting adventure!

From bush walks to zoo visits, from visits by the local police force to lifeguards - no two days will be the same for your child. Cottage Academy has a year-round exciting schedule of excursions & incursions to help our student’s minds flourish!

Request A Playdate Page

We understand that choosing the right childcare centre for your child can be one of the most important decisions of their lives, and yours. 

We’re confident that Cottage Academy is the right fit for your child and that we can guide your little one on the best path forward, through play-based learning, advanced extra-curricular programs & 1-on-1 carer nurturing.

To help you feel just a small glimpse of this confidence, we’re officially inviting you to our Academy for a complimentary, obligation-free playdate!

Bring your little one to see our centre, meet our staff, enjoy our pristine new playground and even meet our students!

It’s a perfect way to experience in an hour or two what our centre has to offer.

Just fill in your details below and one of our friendly carers will be in touch to book you in!