We provide industry-leading childcare with an emphasis on carer-to-student nurturing, setting up young children for their best start in life.

We provide industry-leading childcare with an emphasis on carer-to-student nurturing, setting up young children for their best start in life.

At Cottage Academy, our vision is the driving force behind everything we do, keeping us aligned with the best practices for young children and on a clear and steady course of action towards their bright futures.

Our vision is three-fold: 

Confidence Through Community:

Young children will learn the majority of their social skills in their early development years. These are the tools they will rely upon for the rest of their life, such as making new friends, working in a team, and progressing towards their goals.

That’s why we believe it’s absolutely crucial that your child learns the value of both being a part of a community, and possessing the confidence to be independent!

Our education framework is designed to instill a profound & lasting sense of belonging and community in all Cottage Academy students. This way, your child can be confident in forming authentic, long-lasting friendships.

We also strive to equip our students with the skills needed to form their own identity & personality, which enables them to have a more wholesome, vibrant early learning development.

Wisdom Through Enjoyment Of Learning:

Learning is the most important thing a child can do when they’re young. In today’s modern world, learning can be confused with stuffy classrooms and cramming study sessions.

But at Cottage Academy, we make learning fun! By instilling in your child the association of fun with learning, they will continue to expand their minds well after leaving school.

Learning is important; but learning how to learn is just as important. Our carers make sure that every child is having fun, igniting their creativity & curiosity. We achieve this mode of learning by encouraging our students to participate in hands-on learning, such as excursions to ‘The Big World’, exciting bush walks and our Advanced Learning League!

Industry-Leading Standards: 

A big part of our philosophy is not just giving children a great education - we give them the best!

To achieve this, Cottage Academy is constantly evolving & incorporating the latest developments from the early learning space. Our centre owner, Ben, keeps a close eye on all new discoveries & innovations from prestigious universities, think tanks, and a prestigious network of esteemed industry leaders.

We incorporate only the highest quality, methodically tested new learning innovations into Cottage Academy, so that your child is constantly receiving the most up to date breakthrough early learning developments.

Combine this with our 1-On-1 Excellency Program, and Cottage Academy can ensure your child receives only the very best learning framework that suits them.

A Great Start Now, For A Brighter Future Later:

At the end of the day, Cottage Academy is not just a daycare centre. It’s a home-away-from-home where your child will learn the skills needed to succeed in the rest of their life!

That’s why we take our education programs very seriously, and always remain up to date with industry-leading standards.

It’s why all our students receive personal, tailored care from our carers and hands-on learning that gives them real world experience - and fun memories to last a lifetime! 

Our Ethos

Our ethos is our deeply held belief that all children should be given the opportunity to exceed early learning expectations. It’s why we’ve purposefully designed our one-of-a-kind programs, such as our Exposure To The Big World, Advanced Learning League, and 1-On-1 Excellency to provide an environment where children are constantly nurtured - warmly & safely - to their fullest potential.

We pair this with our pristine new centre and experienced educators for a high-quality, boutique early learning journey. 

Our outside area reflects our vision: warmly enclosed by verdant trees, winding pathways and adventure around every corner. All classroom spaces are thoughtfully designed to inspire and excite different age groups and only the highest grade materials have been sourced for our centre.

By enrolling with Cottage Academy, you’ll be securing your child’s brightest future.

Cottage Academy’s vision may be far reaching, but we strive to keep it inclusive as well: we want to bring together children of all ages, culture, religion and background to create a beautiful, harmonious community. All children are welcome at Cottage Academy! 

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We understand that choosing the right childcare centre for your child can be one of the most important decisions of their lives, and yours. 

We’re confident that Cottage Academy is the right fit for your child and that we can guide your little one on the best path forward, through play-based learning, advanced extra-curricular programs & 1-on-1 carer nurturing.

To help you feel just a small glimpse of this confidence, we’re officially inviting you to our Academy for a complimentary, obligation-free playdate!

Bring your little one to see our centre, meet our staff, enjoy our pristine new playground and even meet our students!

It’s a perfect way to experience in an hour or two what our centre has to offer.

Just fill in your details below and one of our friendly carers will be in touch to book you in!