Want to hear a little about us and what makes us special? Easy!

Cottage Academy Centre

A picture of Cottage Academy Centre with the parking and gate.

Want to hear a little more about what makes Cottage Academy so special?

Cottage Academy is the brand new kid on the block! We’re a childcare centre built for Brisbane families.

We believe our vision, and how we actively employ it directly into our day-to-day routines, is what truly sets us apart.

Our founding members believes in all children being capable of exceeding expectations from family, friends, society and even themselves! It’s why our Academy isn’t just a place to drop off your child for the day; it’s a sanctuary of learning for young children to create the best futures for themselves, today.

We integrate this philosophy in our classes daily, and our wonderful team of carers reflect this value in the way they teach Cottage Academy children.

But you can be assured that we’re not all ‘learning & academics.’ We encourage Cottage Academy children to have fun at every opportunity, too!

One of our pillars is that our centre should act as an extension of your family home. So we ensure our environment is safe, friendly, and reflective of our family-owned values.

Our philosophy is to give Cottage Academy students a sense of belonging: this feeling that your child fits in with like-minded friends - whilst still being entirely their own person and expressing their own identity daily - is crucial to young children developing confidence at an early age.

We also believe collaboration, teamwork, & community are best started at an early age. Playing - and forming an authentic, friendly connection - with other children can spark creativity in your child, rapidly develop their social skills, and of course: help them make lasting friendships.

At the core of our community is harmony between carers, students & family. This collaboration provides a network of encouragement & support for your child to grow, learn and take risks that are essential to their development.

It’s why we include you in every step of your child’s early learning journey; so you don’t miss a moment of joy with them.

Request A Playdate Page

We understand that choosing the right childcare centre for your child can be one of the most important decisions of their lives, and yours. 

We’re confident that Cottage Academy is the right fit for your child and that we can guide your little one on the best path forward, through play-based learning, advanced extra-curricular programs & 1-on-1 carer nurturing.

To help you feel just a small glimpse of this confidence, we’re officially inviting you to our Academy for a complimentary, obligation-free playdate!

Bring your little one to see our centre, meet our staff, enjoy our pristine new playground and even meet our students!

It’s a perfect way to experience in an hour or two what our centre has to offer.

Just fill in your details below and one of our friendly carers will be in touch to book you in!