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Wisdom through learning, confidence through community, and brightness throughout your child’s future

Cottage Academy is Brisbane’s newest family-owned, boutique childcare Centre.

Cottage Academy Centre

We make use of modern, industry-leading early learning frameworks to provide high quality childcare that develops your child’s brightest future. 

At Cottage Academy, we ensure your child experiences the highest quality early learning available, by focusing on our three pillars

  • Wisdom Through Enjoyment Of Learning
  • Confidence Through Community
  • A Great Start Now, For A Brighter Future Later

Our Centre

Our brand new clontarf early learning centre is state-of-the-art and pristine, built with premium grade materials to ensure your child’s home-away-from-home is exciting and safe.

The Cottage Academy kindy features a diverse array of thoughtfully designed classrooms and vibrant outside area, all designed to kindle creativity and inspiration in your child’s bright young mind. 

Cottage academy play room

A passionate & qualified team of Cottage Academy carers provide industry-leading early learning care for children from six weeks to schooling age.

Our ELC and ethos is designed to evoke a safe & fun environment that enhances young children’s development, through adventure and hands-on play-based learning.

Our kindyhub centre includes a beautiful, thoughtfully designed outside area complete with a brand new playground, warmly enclosed by vibrant trees to truly give our students a connection with nature.

Classrooms in our clontarf daycare are curated with cozy and homely furnishings to create a natural extension of home life.

All elements use sustainable timber and our room layouts have been purposefully designed to incorporate natural light & the environment wherever possible.

Cottage Academy’s founding partners delicately crafted our lovely centre to inspire adventure and creative play for all local children!

Thinking about enrolling?

Check out our free 2022 Parent Handbook for a closer look at the way our centre works, our philosophy and everything you need to know about enrolling with Hatchlings!

Our Ethos

Successful early learning development is at the heart of Cottage Academy’s mission. Success for young children should mean a mixture of having fun, learning new skills and about the world, gaining confidence, and forming authentic connections with new friends.

To facilitate this, our clontarf ELC employs a wide range of prestigious programs throughout our weekly schedule. These include our 1-On-1 Excellency Program, Advanced Development League, & Communal Encouragement.

Our carers go the extra mile in teaching and nurturing students at Cottage Academy kindy: so from the moment they step in our doors, they are receiving the very best start to the rest of their lives.

This is why our curriculum is tailored to associate learning with fun; all of our lessons are intricately linked with the world around our students, and our warm & caring educators encourage children to learn together.

This way your child can learn the value of bonding with friends at an early age within the safe confines of our ELC. Cottage Academy is a great choice for parents who have ever wondered: where is the best daycare near me?

Children will also develop the critically important social skills needed to form authentic & long-lasting friendships in later years. 

Our Inclusions

Cottage Academy wants to make your child's early learning journey as positive as possible - while making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you!


Flexible Opening Hours

We are open 5 days a week from 6:00am to 6:00pm year round to support you!


Free Nappies When You Need Them

We understand packing your own nappies can be time-consuming.

That’s why we offer complimentary nappies for each & every day at our centre.


Advanced Development League

Have you ever had the thought: is there any early learning near me that develops my child's skills...for the future?

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to exceed all expectations. That’s why all our clontarf early learning centre students qualify for our Advanced Development League, where they develop complex skills early on in life - such as Tech Research, Mindfulness Yoga, Comprehensive Dance & Music classes - in order to encourage their brain’s development.

Studies have shown that tackling complex concepts early on in a child’s life gives them the confidence & knowledge to understand even more complex theories in later adolescence.


Nutrition Reimagined

A certain balance between nutrition, sleep and guidance is needed for a child’s brain to absorb the maximum amount of knowledge and real-world experience.

That’s why our clontarf daycare offers an on-site chef who specializes in serving up child-friendly meals that keep them healthy, full of energy, and happy too!

All of our meals undergo rigorous standards to ensure our students receive the vital nutrients their bodies need to grow at a healthy rate.


Exciting Excursions & Incursion

Adventure is so important to a young child’s development, because it sparks creativity in their developing minds, associates ‘The Big World’ with excitement, and gives them a chance to explore and learn, outside of their comfort zone, whilst being watched over by a qualified carer.

Every year at our premium clontarf ELC is meticulously mapped out with Nature Rangers Bush Walks, visits to museums and Zoos, and friendly visits from fire fighters, police, and more!


Industry Leading Standards

The core mission of our kindyhub centre is to ensure your child is receiving the very best possible education at all times. What defines ‘Very Best’ can change quite quickly in the childcare world: new teaching frameworks, carer-to-student communication, reading methods - all of this subject to new breakthroughs.

So we can keep an eye on developing methods & certified innovations to keep your child’s future as bright as possible!

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